Newbie’s Kit: Golf Clubs Start Up

best golf clubsHave you ever played mobile and computer golf games or watched golf tournaments before you made an attempt to try and get a firsthand experience? Most have only used one among many selections of golf clubs in mobile or computer games, one of which sends the balls to the farthest corners of the golf course. Some people who are uninitiated or unfamiliar with the aforementioned sport will say that they can see golf players in televised tournaments using only one kind of club. One of the first aspects of learning how to play golf is to know the different kinds of clubs and understand the various features and uses of each. This article is intended to let aspiring golfers and enthusiasts get acquainted with different golf clubs and learn the basic purposes of every feature that each possessed.

Here are some of the feature descriptions between the different types of golf clubs and each specification’s differences which largely determine launch capacity, club head speed, shot distance and ease of usage:


Woods are the longest and most powerful among the golf clubs by distance capacity. These particularly vary in size and have large heads and long shafts for driving balls at great distances in golf course. It retains the traditional name, woods, even though most of its kind is made of different metals nowadays. The reason is that most of its basic structure, components, features, designed capacity and purposes never changed. Graphite shafts are now incorporated in drivers, the largest kind of woods, to promote lighter weight and facilitate better club head speed and accuracy.

Irons are all metal clubs with flat angled face and are also shorter in length than woods. These are intended for different sorts of shots in golf course that involve rough approach on the green, moving balls out of hazards like waters and difficult situations like launching off over the trees or shrubs. Irons are now engineered with cavity-back design that gives it lighter weight and better club aim. Summing it up, this club is specially suited and handy in hurdling golf course obstacles.

Wedges are also made from different metals but distinctive by high mass head feature –


Wedges are designed for short distance shots on a level of altitude and accuracy higher than irons’. Short distance obstacles, more complicated handicaps and hazards can be overcome with wedges.

best-golf-clubsHybrids are the amalgamation of wood’s long distance and higher trajectory and iron’s familiar swing. Most of this sort is compatible for beginners and players with low swing speed as its compact materials facilitate lower mass and greater distance in comparison with other new golfers’ preferred irons and drivers. Ladies also find hybrids to be more suited for them. A number of manufacturers are now even more giving attention on the production of club sets with hybrids specially designed for women.

Putters are another form of clubs used in rolling distances down the cup. Newly innovated putters now include grooves on the face to prevent skidding off the golf balls upon impact. This is considered to be the most universal and irreplaceable among other clubs as other sizes of other types can be exchanged for another. When you are near to completion of your golf course competition, this is what you should find. No player would love to see their balls flying hundreds of meters off the hole.

Chippers are not cheap in any way. It has a body very similar to putters. This kind of club has a more lofted face aimed at lifting the ball off the higher grasses and causing it to roll on the green as if a putter had been used.


Rockbottomgolf is pleased to offer some of the different types of best golf clubs which determines capacity, speed and many more!

How to Become a Genuinely In Demand Motivational Speaker

motivational speakers For someone to stay long in the motivational speaking industry, he has to make his expertise known to the public, especially to potential clients. While great connections and excellent promotional strategies are necessary, particularly to those who are only starting in the industry, a set of personal qualities makes a career in motivational speaking long term. This particular set of qualities include being charismatic, empathetic, energetic, humorous, a storyteller, and innovative.

Being charismatic.
Charisma is that unexplainable quality that makes a person likable to others. According to research, it is considered one of the most important factors that have helped today’s most influential speakers achieve what they have now. Experts say that charisma is not something acquired; it’s something innate to person who possesses it. To become successful in the motivational speaking industry, a speaker should have enough charisma to draw people towards him.

Being empathetic.
Empathy is especially necessary in motivational speaking so visit to get more empathic motivational speakers. Having this means that a speaker fully understands the situation of his audience. A good motivational speaker often tells a story of success, from having nothing to finally having everything. Through this story, the speaker is able to show to his listeners that he can empathize with them who, oftentimes, are facing the same struggles he once experienced. Through being empathetic, the motivational speaker is able to build significant rapport with his listeners, which could later on allow him to present his arguments and make a positive impact.

Being energetic.
Being energetic is a valuable quality of any successful speaker. It becomes more valuable however, to the speaker who motivates. As his main purpose is to inspire others, the motivational speaker should be able to display the same motivation and inspiration through his voice and nonverbal language every time he speaks.

Being humorous.
Being humorous has become one of the most sought-after qualities in public speakers. Because of good sense of humor, gifted public speakers have made seminars, conventions and other events more exciting and interesting. Simply cracking jokes however, does not equate to being genuinely humorous. While knowing a lot of funny stories may help, a special skill in determining the proper joke to share and knowing the proper time to share it is what makes a public speaker genuinely humorous. Most of the time however, it is what most speakers are struggling at.

Being a storyteller.
Motivational-SpeakerStorytelling has always been one of the most effective ways in illustrating and making things clearer to an audience. It is, therefore, necessary for the speaker whose main purpose is to motivate others to master the art of storytelling. As a storyteller, it is not enough that he knows a lot of stories. The motivational speaker has to be able to share and make these stories meaningful to his audience and relevant to the purpose of the occasion. In order to achieve this, he should be able to share his stories in the most compelling of ways—through using concrete words and mastering powerful storytelling gestures.

Being innovative.
With the vast resources available nowadays, and with the increasing competition among public speakers, being innovative is extremely necessary to secure a career in motivational speaking. Innovativeness lets a speaker constantly improve his craft while showing his potential clients that he can always keep up with the demands of the constantly changing world. In other words, innovation is the key to achieving lasting relevance.

To be regularly hired in various speaking engagements because of these qualities is what being genuinely in demand means as a motivational speaker. Still, if you lack some of these, there’s no need to worry. Most of the qualities you need can be gained and further developed.


Photography: People Capturing People

“A picture paints a thousand words”, we might get tired of hearing this cliché. But in photography, we can use this line in a different light and put a twist to it. Now we can say, if “a picture paints a thousand word”, then photography is more than just taking a

We use pictures to say what is in our minds that cannot be explained with many words. Photography’s role is more than just a form of art when we want to express the realities going on with our society.

This is! This blog is made for those like you and the creator behind this website, who sees photography is more than just a skill or profession of taking pictures.

Photography makes people empowered. Through capturing people and their surroundings the truth is being revealed. We can see the real condition of people around us and our own society through the lenses of a camera that our naked eyes cannot capture.

Photography is art that it expresses human’s feelings, emotions and point of views. It is also a science that deals with methods and techniques. would also help you learn the basics of taking pictures. We created pages in our website where you can check out articles and other materials like videos and podcasts to discover the field of photography.

Who are the People we can Photograph? photography features real people in real situations that can trigger a viewer’s deep consciousness. The photographs from the collections of Charles Frith drive the audience to think deeply on what is going on in their surroundings. They make people conscious of other people’s reality. These people can be those who belong to war stricken community’s. From the women and children who are struggling to protect their rights in poor nations to the common working man in developed countries are the subjects for Charles Frith’s photography.

Getting Around Our Website gives you access to resources and materials you can use when discovering photography. Get through our pages like the Gallery and Features to help you gain perspectives in creating your photographic compositions.


Explore the gallery to discover your own style you want to pursue in’s collections of photos would introduce you to making good styles and compositions on capturing people.

Featuresfeatured Image

You can learn and develop your skills in photography through our Features. This page will take you to various articles that features techniques or technology you can use in photography. Furthermore, get yourself introduced to professionals or other enthusiasts who can share their own style and ideas with you when we feature them on our website.

Advertise and Professional Services would like you to be involve in creating extraordinary photographs. Make use of our site to post your works and introduce your platform or a cause you want to promote.

You can also get access to professional services from our website. Our resources and materials can be your first steps to being a photographer.

Capturing Life with Light: Portrait and Still Life believes that every great professional photographers are made. Every photographer and their photographs are developed with passion, an important key in creating excellent photography.

To match that passion, we would like to give you the first lesson among many that we can share to you. Starting with creating your compositions with capturing people.

In taking pictures of people, among of the best elements are portraits and still life subjects.

Portrait photography captures people’s genuine appearance. They are often with taken in candid shots. People are the member one subject in portrait photography. Learn this style of photography and you would be able to capture people’s real emotion in real life.

Still life photography gives you a deep impact to the photos you take. It gives artistic style to the image. It is usually used for inanimate objects. But using the still life technique it gives a lasting effect on an image to highlight the condition or the environment of the people or the person in your photograph