Photography: People Capturing People

“A picture paints a thousand words”, we might get tired of hearing this cliché. But in photography, we can use this line in a different light and put a twist to it. Now we can say, if “a picture paints a thousand word”, then photography is more than just taking a

We use pictures to say what is in our minds that cannot be explained with many words. Photography’s role is more than just a form of art when we want to express the realities going on with our society.

This is! This blog is made for those like you and the creator behind this website, who sees photography is more than just a skill or profession of taking pictures.

Photography makes people empowered. Through capturing people and their surroundings the truth is being revealed. We can see the real condition of people around us and our own society through the lenses of a camera that our naked eyes cannot capture.

Photography is art that it expresses human’s feelings, emotions and point of views. It is also a science that deals with methods and techniques. would also help you learn the basics of taking pictures. We created pages in our website where you can check out articles and other materials like videos and podcasts to discover the field of photography.

Who are the People we can Photograph? photography features real people in real situations that can trigger a viewer’s deep consciousness. The photographs from the collections of Charles Frith drive the audience to think deeply on what is going on in their surroundings. They make people conscious of other people’s reality. These people can be those who belong to war stricken community’s. From the women and children who are struggling to protect their rights in poor nations to the common working man in developed countries are the subjects for Charles Frith’s photography.

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Capturing Life with Light: Portrait and Still Life believes that every great professional photographers are made. Every photographer and their photographs are developed with passion, an important key in creating excellent photography.

To match that passion, we would like to give you the first lesson among many that we can share to you. Starting with creating your compositions with capturing people.

In taking pictures of people, among of the best elements are portraits and still life subjects.

Portrait photography captures people’s genuine appearance. They are often with taken in candid shots. People are the member one subject in portrait photography. Learn this style of photography and you would be able to capture people’s real emotion in real life.

Still life photography gives you a deep impact to the photos you take. It gives artistic style to the image. It is usually used for inanimate objects. But using the still life technique it gives a lasting effect on an image to highlight the condition or the environment of the people or the person in your photograph