Newbie’s Kit: Golf Clubs Start Up

best golf clubsHave you ever played mobile and computer golf games or watched golf tournaments before you made an attempt to try and get a firsthand experience? Most have only used one among many selections of golf clubs in mobile or computer games, one of which sends the balls to the farthest corners of the golf course. Some people who are uninitiated or unfamiliar with the aforementioned sport will say that they can see golf players in televised tournaments using only one kind of club. One of the first aspects of learning how to play golf is to know the different kinds of clubs and understand the various features and uses of each. This article is intended to let aspiring golfers and enthusiasts get acquainted with different golf clubs and learn the basic purposes of every feature that each possessed.

Here are some of the feature descriptions between the different types of golf clubs and each specification’s differences which largely determine launch capacity, club head speed, shot distance and ease of usage:


Woods are the longest and most powerful among the golf clubs by distance capacity. These particularly vary in size and have large heads and long shafts for driving balls at great distances in golf course. It retains the traditional name, woods, even though most of its kind is made of different metals nowadays. The reason is that most of its basic structure, components, features, designed capacity and purposes never changed. Graphite shafts are now incorporated in drivers, the largest kind of woods, to promote lighter weight and facilitate better club head speed and accuracy.

Irons are all metal clubs with flat angled face and are also shorter in length than woods. These are intended for different sorts of shots in golf course that involve rough approach on the green, moving balls out of hazards like waters and difficult situations like launching off over the trees or shrubs. Irons are now engineered with cavity-back design that gives it lighter weight and better club aim. Summing it up, this club is specially suited and handy in hurdling golf course obstacles.

Wedges are also made from different metals but distinctive by high mass head feature –


Wedges are designed for short distance shots on a level of altitude and accuracy higher than irons’. Short distance obstacles, more complicated handicaps and hazards can be overcome with wedges.

best-golf-clubsHybrids are the amalgamation of wood’s long distance and higher trajectory and iron’s familiar swing. Most of this sort is compatible for beginners and players with low swing speed as its compact materials facilitate lower mass and greater distance in comparison with other new golfers’ preferred irons and drivers. Ladies also find hybrids to be more suited for them. A number of manufacturers are now even more giving attention on the production of club sets with hybrids specially designed for women.

Putters are another form of clubs used in rolling distances down the cup. Newly innovated putters now include grooves on the face to prevent skidding off the golf balls upon impact. This is considered to be the most universal and irreplaceable among other clubs as other sizes of other types can be exchanged for another. When you are near to completion of your golf course competition, this is what you should find. No player would love to see their balls flying hundreds of meters off the hole.

Chippers are not cheap in any way. It has a body very similar to putters. This kind of club has a more lofted face aimed at lifting the ball off the higher grasses and causing it to roll on the green as if a putter had been used.


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